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Gates are also known as port, gateway or yett. A gate is a point of entry to a space or place such as residential or commercial property which is enclosed by walls or a fence. Gates are used to prevent or control entry and exit of humans or animals. Apart from movement monitoring, they can also be used for decorative purposes.

We have three kinds of gates which include pedestrian, swinging and sliding gates. Sliding gates "float" across the driveway without touching the ground while swinging gate "swing" back and forth to open. The swinging gates are higher in height compared to slide gates to provide greater vehicle and pedestrian deterrent. Pedestrian gates are small in width and used to exit or enter an enclosed place.

Gates can be built with steel, colorbond, wood, aluminium, wrought iron, and/or glass. You can select the type of gate you want from the dealer's collection or get a customized design in Apollo Bay VIC. Nowadays designers are using computer-aided design (CAD) technology software to design gates that are stunning, durable and tolerant to harsh climate. You should ensure your gate is well fabricated by certified fabricators to fit properly, close and open smoothly, last long and sag-free for years.

Residential or commercial property gates are used to improve and ensure security. At home, gates are used to prevent kids from wandering off and keep away trespassers or intruders. They are also used to secure company products, equipment and monitor employees when entering or leaving the office. Pedestrian, sliding or swinging gates can be either manual or automatic. When selecting or purchasing the type of gate you want consider these factors: compound space, price or budget, purpose of the gate and material used to design the gate.

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Industry: Fencing

Product: Driveway Gates

Suburb: Apollo Bay VIC VIC 3233

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